May 26, 2012

Science Defies Stereotypes

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:28 am by mariawolters

In a recent post, Athene Donald argued that an overemphasis on “geekiness” and associated cultural stereotypes might turn many girls off science.

I agree with her. Although I’m a proud geekette, there are many paths to science, and many ways of living as a scientist. You don’t have to conform to anybody’s stereotype; all you need is a passion for finding out how stuff works.
But I would widen that approach to all genders and youth subcultures.

Turned off because boys who are into science are weak dweebs? Look at this geologist, and this computer scientist (double amputee and expert climber).

Think that female scientists are colourless and boring? Look at this computer scientist.

Do you feel disdain for people with a scientific bent because they don’t get the humanities? Look at this feminist and exercise scholar and think again.

Whoever you are, whatever you are, there will be a scientist out there who is just like you.


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